Useful Things:

Each page will open up in a new web page.

Directory Lister - Program - Creates an HTML file that lists all the files in a directory

ID3 Renamer - Program - Renames the ID3's tags for all files in a folder

Betting Glossary - Webpage - Glossary that explains the slang used for betting on horse and dog races.

Blood Alcohol Level Calculator - Webpage - Calculates a person's blood alcohol level based upon body weight, number of drinks,drink type

CDex - Program - Rips CD's, Convert Audio Files

Cinema Forge - Program - Converts between: .swf, .flv, .mpeg, .avi., .wmv, .rm, .mov, and .asf or create thumbnails

DVD Decrypter - Program - Rips DVD's, decrypts them, then burns them

DVD Shrink - Program - Shrinks DVD image files so you can fit them all on one blank DVD disc

File Renamer Basic - Program - Renames all the files in a folder with lots of options

List of Special HTML Characters - Webpage - Like ampersand, quote, double quote, etc.

Mortgage or Loan Calculator - Excel Spreadsheet - Calculates the payments for any loan and how much money and time you will save if you make additional payments or pay more than the minimum monthly payment.

Smart FTP - Program - A free and secure file transfer protocol program

Odds Calculator - Excel Spreadsheet - Calculates how much money a $1 bet will win based upon the money wagered per runner and the takeout percentage