The Onion is one of the Nation's premier satirical news publication. They rival any other conceivable publication in their creativity and absurdity.. If you are easily offended I would discourage you from visiting their site.

Books By The Onion (Amazon's List)

  • Our Dumb Century: The Onion Presents 100 Years of Headlines from America's Finest News Source (1999)
  • The Onion's Finest News Reporting, Volume 1 (2000)
  • Dispatches from the Tenth Circle: The Best of The Onion (2001)
  • The Onion Ad Nauseam: Complete News Archives Volume 13 (2002)
  • The Onion Ad Nauseam: Complete News Archives Volume 14 (2003)
  • "Fanfare for the Area Man:" The Onion Ad Nauseam Complete News Archives Volume 15 (2004)
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  • Fred Phelps takes Onion at face value. In 1998, controversial minister Fred Phelps submitted the Onion article '98 Homosexual-recruitment drive nearing goal on his God Hates Fags website as proof that homosexuals were indeed actively trying to get straight people to join their ranks.

  • Beijing's Evening News takes Onion at face value. On June 7, 2002, Reuters reported that the Beijing Evening News republished, in the international news page of its June 3 edition, translated portions of a story from The Onion (they were apparently unaware of The Onion's satirical nature). The story discusses the U.S. Congress's threats to leave Washington for Memphis, Tennessee or Charlotte, North Carolina unless Washington, DC built them a new Capitol building with a retractable dome. The article is a parody of U.S. sports franchises' threats to leave their home city unless new stadiums are built for them. The Evening News is Beijing's most popular newspaper, claiming a circulation of 1.25 million.

  • The Beijing Evening News's declares The Onion intentionally duped them. They also supposedly interviewed congressional staffers who characterized The Onion as con artists, intent on cheating the Chinese People.

  • Harry Potter books are sparking a rise in Satanism among children. Columnist Ellen Makkai and others who believe the Harry Potter books recruit children to Satanism have also been taken in by the Onion's satire, using quotes from an Onion article as evidence for their claims.