Who or what is Smoove B?

Smoove B is a regular columnist for The Onion, "America's finest news source," which in reality is an online satircal newspaper. Smoove B professes himself to be a true ladies man, and his irresistible pledges of love and devotion are reputedly syndicated in more than 250 newspapers across America, and in his Boudoir. His columns normally describe his elaborate plans for potential dates or parties and often grow quite absurd.

For example, he once professed to travel the world and sample the world's best limousines for a date to ride in to his apartment. He provides such a limosuine for his date, then asks her to prepare directions for the limo driver. He also hastens to point out that she can enjoy the strong reception from the FM radio while riding in the limousine.

Smoove B

"I will serve you on a soft, silk table-cloth that has been freshly laundered and purchased from the finest table-cloth store in all of creation. It will be the most spectacular dinner you have ever consumed.

There will also be corn served."
- Turn The Lights Down Low

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